Community Spotlight: Character Creation

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Hero ID: 32

Heiny was pummeling Karl in their Finals match, but all he wanted to do was grab Karl’s hips, pull him close, and move to the sound of the beat.
The last time someone saw Heiny dance, he was dancing the Schuhplattler for his mother when his father, Bruno, came home. Bruno dragged 7-year-old Heiny into the road and horsewhipped him in front of the neighbors.
Holding Karl in a headlock, Heiny imagined what it would feel like to kiss Karl’s neck, and then his mouth. Karl took advantage and threw the distracted Heiny onto his back. Heiny heard his father scream at him. Bruno hadn’t been to a match since the accident, but he was always there in Heiny’s head.

A sweaty Heiny, 13, unlocked his bedroom door and told his suspicious father that he was training with his friend, Jonas. Bruno punched Heiny in the face, breaking his nose. “Train harder.”

The referee pulled Heiny off the bloody mess that used to be Karl. Heiny left the ring on his dojo-mates’ shoulders, Karl on a stretcher.
At the biergarten, Heiny’s dojo-mates raised their beers and cheered his victory. Heiny was smiling, but all he wanted to do was scream.

Hero ID: 49

Cane was no stranger to tough times, as a young child he lost his younger brother and his abusive father never made things easy for him. After many hard enduring years, he plucked up some courage and fled to Europe as a teenager, leaving his mother behind. This, leaving a heavy memory staining his dreams.

Cane was well trained in Muay Thai, a chess matching master with half godly strength. He was quite adamant of accomplishing anything that was thrown at him, sometimes a little over enthusiastic, jumping ahead before properly thinking. Soft hearted and rough on the edges, Cane believed in pursuing life at it’s fullest, without hesitating or sometimes questioning things, this got him in trouble a few times.

Nobody would have guessed this dark horse was so deeply involve with his best friend, Hugo. Cane also spent some time in a gulag, often reminiscing of the good times they had together training and discovering the urban areas of Europe. He was kept as a prisoner of war for just over five years, being captured in a special operation trying to save young women from a human traffic ring.

Hero ID: 105

Washed ashore with no memory, King was rescued by villagers from a small community on the East Coast of Africa. He started rebuilding his strength while finding some peace in bonsais, mixed martial arts and a sparrow called Sam. A flirtatious and helpful soul, the community quickly adopted him as one of their own. He was a diligent worker, much like his father, whom he remembered, a good cook and known as a great protector. Some believed he had hidden magic, as rumours spread of his boundless energy and side-kick sparrow, Sam, he conversed with.

Unbeknown to the sweet tooth, well-groomed man, King and his best friend, Cane, used to train in parkour and mixed martial arts as youngsters, later working together as body guards. After almost two years in the village, with only glimpses of a world he cannot remember, time started slowing down as it got harder finding meaning in his daily life. Booze-fuelled dreams of yacht cruises, suited-up escapades and concrete jungles taunted him - an unrecognizable life King must now face as he leaves the village to find answers.

What will King find in a world where his past, future and dreams haunt him?

Hero ID: 182

This is Jayden Owens's life, a combat machine that likes justice and hard work helping people. His dad and mother had to divorce when he was a kid. He faced bullying problems and if that wasn't enough, he could not have many friends because that's the way her brain was shaped. Diagnosed with social anxiety, instead of taking him to an abyss pushed him to the limits. Later in her teens, he could control this S.A. but chose not to have a lot of friends because trust is not easy. Jayden wasn't good always: He injured a school friend while traveling, failed at some subjects, and missed entering college on the first try. Life is not an easy race, but his mom gave him good advice and values to face each problem. As he says: " I've achieved my bachelor's title and was able to work, be useful, most of the times for poor people in a shelter and also train boxing. One has to become complete in body and mind". He is trying to date a girl, which is a good friend at the work, and he just wanna love, to protect and make her happy sharing good memories.

Hero ID: 235

Chris is a 28-year-old semi-professional combats sports person who enjoys cooking, going out with friends, thai box and listening to music. He is stable and generous, but can also be very lazy and often has his head in the clouds. He often wears his sports clothes but the one he likes the most is his blue sweat.

He is an American who had the chance to be born in a supportive family. He has a post-graduate degree in science. Physically, Chris is in pretty good shape. He is tall with brown skin, black hair and black eyes. He has a black Snake Throat Tattoo on his body.

He grew up in a working class neighbourhood. He knew pretty much every single person in his neighbourhood, including his best friend. They grew up together and share the same values, respect and Empathy.He is currently in a relationship with Eve Howard. Eve is the same age as him and works as an artist.

Even though he was raised well, one of his biggest regrets character regrets to have kept something to himself and let his best friend be harmed.
One of his motivation is to try to keep his loved ones safe.

Hero ID: 338

Cassidy Harper. A young woman whose name means as much to her as a smudged barcode stamped across an empty page, is determined to defy the destiny she feels life has handed down to her. To erase the demons born from the dreams of a deserted orphan with nothing more than a thoroughly chewed teething ring to provide her security.

She has spent her life trying to find a path worth treading down. One which would be worthy to bare her name and instill a bout of inspiration to those whisper it from generation to generation. But despite her best intentions, trouble always seemed a step behind her though. And theirs only so much you can do when you've spent most of your youth in a cell built to keep you in solitude. A constant reminder of her upbringing and the mold she is trying to break.

But despite her short comings, the woman remained determined; strong in her will, loyal to those few she decided to let in, and unwilling to compromise for what she believes in. But such strong convictions can be blinding to a soul yet to find her way.