Welcome to Uppercut Training Club

We started Jumpcut with the mission of democratizing Hollywood and visual storytelling for creative communities. Web3 seemed like the natural platform given how it is bringing communities together around shared missions. However, most NFT collectible projects today are driven by an aesthetic rather than a narrative. But communities want more than just ownership of the artwork but also to participate in creating and consuming stories around their characters.

Jumpcut is serving that need by collaboratively creating narrative IP with communities. We connect writers and creators with audiences to build premium storytelling brands in which our community has creative and financial co-ownership. Our approach better engages communities and also disrupts risk-averse Hollywood, where decisions are driven by gut and relationships resulting in an industry that is not inclusive. Audiences are better off with our web3-enabled model because they now have creative participation with their favorite story universes.

We foster shared community ownership in our story universes via NFTs. NFTs give the holders access to a creative community and tokenomics reward members for their support and contributions. For creators, it gives them true creative freedom, meaningful feedback from their audience, and a more inclusive ecosystem. For NFT holders, it gives them a meaningful creative outlet and a more engaged community.

Uppercut Training Club

I am thrilled to announce Uppercut Training Club, an immersive gamified storytelling experience for action fans in Web3. When you mint one of our Uppercut heroes, your NFT will give you access to an ongoing community-driven narrative designed by top Hollywood creatives such as Kevin Tancharoen (Book of Boba FettMortal Kombat). Further, members get to contribute and consume lore for their NFT character and level-up their character by participating in storytelling quests.

What we bring to you with Uppercut is no ordinary NFT project; this is a storytelling extravaganza at its finest. An amazing creative team is building out the world and mythology. We have real martial artists who will be your Sensei guiding you through your journey. We have artists behind games like Valorant and Rift who are designing the visual world of Uppercut as well as your amazing 3D NFT characters. We have a strong tech team designing a seamless user experience and a robust smart contract. We have a core team that believes in creating a strong supportive community and delivering long-term utility over creating meaningless hype. We also have dozens of action filmmakers who will bring some of their best action short films to the Uppercut community. 

Every team member within Uppercut has been chosen thoughtfully to help us curate an entertainment experience that you haven’t seen in Web3 before. If you grew up on action movies like me, Uppercut is the project for you. If you believe that a great story can inspire and change the world, Uppercut is for you. If you are the fan who wants to go deeper than just watching a movie into an immersive, collaborative experience, Uppercut is for you. If you believe it’s time to take NFTs to the next level, Uppercut is for you as well. And if you believe that there’s a hero inside every one of us irrespective of our race and gender (and everything else that seems to divide us), Uppercut is for you.

Over the next few weeks, members of each of the Uppercut teams will take you behind the scenes to help you understand how and why we have designed Uppercut the way we have. Watch this space for more. In the meantime, come join us on Twitter or Discord. Every person has a hero inside, waiting to be unleashed. Join Uppercut, and release yours.

Kartik Hosanagar (@khosanagar)
Founder, Jumpcut Media