Building Immersive New Worlds Through Quests

We’re trying something with Uppercut Training Club that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before – world building through community engagement. The idea is to create a place where many stories thrive simultaneously.

Narrative Structure

For decentralized storytelling to thrive, we need a common base in the form of structure and shared narratives. With the help of two incredible storytellers who’ve worked on shows like Carnival Row, The Continental, Warrior, Mortal Kombat, The Book of Boba Fett and more, we wanted to build the shared mythology and explore the origins and power of martial arts.

A mysterious founder created the Uppercut Training Club as a place for people to come together to learn martial arts excellence. The dojo is split into three teams each led by their own trainer who are all real-life martial artists and stunt performers. Every NFT owner starts by taking a quiz to determine which of the Domos they should join:

  • Domos Oqo is forward focused and always looking to evolve their fighting style using the latest scientific findings and cutting edge technology to give them the upper hand. 

  • Domos T’ngo is an unstoppable force in motion, the most physically formidable of the club’s practitioners.

  • Domos Gnasis are known for determination and resourcefulness above all else.

But there’s more to this martial art than first meets the eye. Through the guidance of your trainer, you’ll uncover a hidden mystical power which forces of evil are about to unleash. You and your Domos must be the first to discover the true secret behind Uppercut Training Club.

Participate in Quests

You immerse yourself in the story by taking the quests available to you each week that are posted in our custom member portal. A quest could be as simple as naming your Hero or answering prompts to build out your Hero’s lore, snapping a photo after your workout at the gym, completing a five minute mindful meditation video or helping your trainer solve a puzzle to move the Uppercut narrative forward. We’ll be experimenting with different kinds of quests that will earn points both for your Hero and for your dojo. These points will unlock a series of fight move videos and earn exciting rewards for top scorers at the end of the season.

We’re calling this Season Zero for an important reason. Everyone who joins us from Day One will take part in our grand experiment to build a new kind of community-driven story.  This is the chance for superfans to experience the story and not just watch. You’ll be a part of  a feedback loop where we’ll learn from how you engage so we can keep improving the experience in future seasons. We’re building this in public with transparency, and every individual in our community has a crucial role to play in our exciting journey. We can’t wait for you to join us.

Winnie Kemp  @WinnieYuanKemp
Head of Development, Jumpcut Media