Your Portal to Community-Driven Lore

Our team has been hard at work to bring Uppercut Training Club NFTs to life and ensure that your Heroes are much more than just a collectible or PFP. Each Hero’s legend will be crafted as you – the NFT owner – experience and participate in the Season Zero story. In the process, you will help to build a rich and diverse world whilst being immersed in an entertaining role-playing game.

To make this possible, we’ve built a state-of-the-art platform for our NFT community. You log into the Member Portal with your digital wallet and it automatically finds your Heroes. You’ll be able to easily switch between different Heroes, if you have more than one, and lead them on completely different paths.

Here’s some of what you can expect in the portal:

Experience the story with Narrative Content

This is where the story unfolds before your eyes. The content you see will be personalized depending on which of the three Domos you join and your Trainer will be a real champion martial artist or stunt performer. You can take this quick quiz to find out which Domos you’d fit into. You can even choose to have multiple Heroes in your wallet, each in different Domos, to experience the entire story.

These updates will come in different forms such as written messages, illustrations, or sometimes even videos from your Trainer. The Season Zero story, written by an incredible creative team behind projects like Mortal KombatBook of Boba Fett and The Continental, will change and adapt based on community input through the Quests. You’ll be both consuming the narrative and helping to create it.

Partcipate in the story with Quests

Uppercut Training Club isn’t a full 3D video game (yet) but we have an interactive game-like experience where you’ll be role-playing as your character and completing quests.

Quests are bite-sized tasks or achievements. As you complete them, you’ll build lore around your character, engage with and influence the story, and even do some IRL activities. For every quest you complete, you’ll earn points for your Hero, which also count towards your Domos’s success as the story progresses.

Member Portal.png

Track your contributions with Points

We love all the experiments in the web3 space with community-driven lore creation, but we find that often the individual contribution is lost in the final product. For Uppercut, we wanted a way to reward and recognize the people who’ve done the most to build the lore.

On the dashboard, you’ll see how many points you’ve amassed (both for your individual Hero and your Hero’s Domos) and check out where you rank on the leaderboards. As well as the pride of being a top contributor, you’ll also unlock special opportunities in the future with your points!

Tell your own story with Creative Assets

By the end of Season Zero, each NFT character will have their own unique legend, and moving forward we believe they can all become the heroes of their own stories. This is why we’ll be allowing NFT owners to download the full 3D models for their fighters and all of the related assets. 

What will you choose to do with these creative assets? Maybe you’ll create your own content such as memes, short films, and games. You could even license your character to appear in other people’s content or in future comics, podcasts, or movies we make. We’re looking forward to seeing the innovative ideas the community comes up with.

We’re looking forward to creating and building this new world with you! Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter to find out more and keep updated on the latest with all things Uppercut.

Dilip Rajan (@DilipSRajan)
Head of Product, Jumpcut Media